Friday, August 12, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015 Vegas

It was our year to be with my family for Thanksgiving so we drove down for a day before Thanksgiving and stayed with John's parents. We got there later in the day on Saturday night. I got a manicure and pedicure earlier and we grabbed Chic Fil a and hit the road. We got into St George later that night and hung out. Sunday we relaxed and Monday we went to the park and Tuesday went shopping at Target and went to Costco. Daxton helped Grandma Carpenter set up Christmas decorations. Wednesday morning we got up early played with some cousins had breakfast and left for Vegas.

We got to Vegas and checked in to our Hotel and unpacked. We drove over to Downtown Summerlin and shopped. After we went back to our hotel room and got ready for our family Christmas pictures. After that was over we  went over to my brother Johnnies and had a tasty Greek dinner. It ws fun and the boys loved meeting McKenzie. 

The Next day was Thanksgiving. We hung out at the hotel room had our continental breakfast and then headed over to my parents, After a few hours we went over to Shelbys and had Thanksgiving dinner with everyone. It was fun. Good food we laughed alot. Took lots of pictures. After we went back to the house hung out at my parents had pie and looked at the black Friday ads and took a family Thanksgiving picture and then went back to the hotel. I hung out with Toni and let McKenzie fall asleep. Joe and Tammy drove into town that night and we met up with them in the morning,

The next day Joe Tammy the kids Jaclyn and Jordan met up with us at the Hotel and we all had breakfast together, We then all went black Friday shopping as well. We decided to go bowling with all of us Frustaci kids and after we ate at In N Out. After we went back to the house hing out and relaxed. After we all went over to Shelbys and watched Jurassic Park it was fun.

The next day we checked out of the hotel and Joe and Tammy and the kids left the night before.Toni gave the kids their Christmas presents and we chatted and then drove to St George. Jen and Josie were there and we hung out and had dinner. Dax loves Josie. 

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