Saturday, February 13, 2016

Daxton 3 and a half years old January 2016

Daxton is now 3 and a half years old. I always think when he turns a certain 'age' that he will magically grow up more and more which he does but the 1/2 ages before his actual birthday surprise me even more. After Dax turned 3 he became a talking machine and loving life. Potty trained 3 months before his 3rd birthday. He has literally grown up over night it seems. It makes me and happy at the same time. It is a very bittersweet feeling.
Starting Primary.
One of the biggest changes for Dax is Primary. He started Primary
Bye bye dirtys see you
Saying good prayers.
Talks in complete sentences
Loves giving kisses
Calling us bears bear house momma bear bear papa bear Goldie
Always wanting others to like him
Hates the snow wants to play at the park
Like snow and playing in it

its been a long day
I need to take a break
you are my best friend
I can do it all by myself
I want to be a DR
no more car sat
I want  a treat
the sun is out
don't leave anyone behind
Let's have a sleepover
I want to take a bath
I love you sweetheart
Spider tickles 
Be happy 
This is magicial 
Your a pumpkin 
 Since his little sister came they love then show called Goldie and bear. He says were bears and sister is Goldie. He still says I'm Gecko.Loves pancakes, eggs, smoothies, spaghetti, fries anything with ketchup, roars grapes bananas twizzlers Graham wheat thins.Costco hotdogs pizza and loves chocolate.

Singing songs
anything Halloween
Loves his friends 

All things Daxton Getting bigger and Growing 2.5 years old January 2015

I can't even believe Dax is 2 1/2 half year's old today! It blows my mind! He is very independent. He is always saying I Try! He loves figuring things out whether it's buckling his carseat or highchair or figuring out a toy. He loves helping mommy with the blender and pressing start. He love's the kitchen. From helping us bake or cook. Stirring things or pouring things. He is my little cleaning buddy. From helping me put clothes in the dryer to wiping down the cupboards.
He still love's eggs and waffles for breakfast. He love's Mexican and Italian food. He doesn't like anything green go figure veggies aren't liked around here. He loves getting treat treats. Whether it's chocolate  dum dum soccers or popcorn. He love's taking his gummy vitiams everyday. He only drinks Water Orange juice and sometimes crystal light.  When we occasionally drink soda when were out he likes Mountain Dew and Root Beer.
He tries getting himself dressed but isn't a pro just yet. But knowing he trys is what makes us happy. He love's books! He calls them Boo boos. We could read 3 to 4 at a time and the Library is one of his favorite places! He still naps but every day is a Different day. Sometime a hour or two. He definitely isn't done napping so I take advantage and get stuff done myself or nap.
He smiles laughs everyday and love's everyone. He is so friendly and gives hugs to anyone. He love's talking his vocabulary has expanded incredibly. He says full sentence like 3 word's. I practice with him and teach him new word's and sentenced everyday. He is very insightful and in tune with his use surroundings.
He love's saying prayers and folding his arms. He knows before eating to pray. He love's cuddling and giving us kisses and hugs. He love's animals. His favorite our dog's! Anyone that has a dog Dax clings to. One day we will get a dog. For now he can enjoy other dogs.
We bought a Potty Cover and a little potty for Dax we introduce it now well see when Dax will be ready! I can't wait to see how much he will change in the next 7 months by his 3rd birthday in July!

Pumpkin Patch October 2015

Well we finally made time to go to the Pumpkin Patch 3 days before Halloween. And let me tell you I will never do that again. For one it was Freezing cold and the pumpkin selection was scarce. We went to Jakers last year as well and it was Free.  Well this year they charged to get it $1 a person and we don't carry cash so we literally both stood there for a second thinking what are we to do? Well the people behind us without hesitation paid for us. I was astonished. Yes it was only $2 but still. So from now on we will start carrying cash. I think next year we may try the Red Barn here in Santaquin.We walked around and got a wagon and Dax helped me push it along while Daddy was carrying McKenzie car seat around. We stay on the hay bales and took a few pictures. Dax had a blast finding pumpkins picking them up and carrying them to the wagon and throwing them in. He thought it was so funny. We ended up with 4 pumpkins. One for each of us. After we left and went to Smiths and got some Ice cream and Hot chocolate. It was fun. I am excited for next year.