Sunday, May 15, 2016

Meeting Great Grandma Jorgensen October 2016

We finally went up to Sandy so that McKenzie could meet Great Grandma Jorgensen, She is the last of my grandparents and sadly John's have all passed away. Grandma was so excited to meet her. She kept saying that she thought that she looked like a doll. It was cute. She couldn't believe that she has blue eyes. She thought that Dax was so well behaved. We told her McKenzie birth story and updated her on our lives. She chatted away and told us fun stories. We love visiting her


Daxton at the Dentist (hardest visit) August 2015

Daxton had his 3rd visit to the Dentist. It was by far the hardest appt. We tried a cleaning and a fluoride. He was not having it. He watched Curious George and was okay during the cleaning but he REFUSED all of the fluorides and I mean all. Their was 4 different flavors. He loved playing with the speckett and water pick its his favorite thing at the dentist besides getting a new toothbrush which was Hulk and toothpaste as well as floss and a toy from the treasure chest. Until next time.


McKenzie Blessing Day November 1st 2015

We blessed McKenzie on Sunday November 1st it was a beautiful fall afternoon. We had all of our immediate family from the Carpenter and Frustaci families that could come. We had the luncheon first because our sacrament is at 2:45p.m I know super late. We had pulled pork and chicken on Costco rolls chips salads lemonade raspberry fluff and of course a yummy vanilla cake! It was great. It was nice and relaxing before sacrament.I got McKenzie dressed in her beautiful white blessing dress and white feathered headband. It was weird going to church again since I stopped going the beginning of August, It was loud crowded and crazy. I was so excited that we could bless McKenzie. John gave a wonderful blessing He blessed her with love and told her we are so thankful that she is apart of our family. Blessed her to want to be married in the Temple and have a worthy priesthood holder to take her there. The spirit was so strong. Dax Bore his testimony it was so cute. We loved having all of our immediate family together, After the blessing we came back to the house took pictures and had Costco cake and ice cream. Happy Blessing Day sweet McKenzie Lee



McKenzie says Dada May 2016

Well we'll we'll McKenzie said mama last Friday April 29th. Today May 4th McKenzie said Dada and didn't stop! It was so adorable! She adores seeing him everyday when he gets home from work. I love how McKenzie is growing and getting bigger everyday.

McKenzie 3 months November 2015

How did 3 months come so fast? McKenzie is no longer looking like a newborn she is starting to look like a big girl baby. She is starting to sit in her Bumbo and she actually likes it she's really good in it and sits for maybe 2 to 5 minutes long. Which is very different from her brother who hates his bumbo. McKenzie is smiling which I love! I could literally stare at her all day. She is now scooting! We love it. She scoots everywhere!! McKenzie bubble bath love bubble baths and loves being in the water. Loves car rides. Loves staring at ceiling fans and playing eating her hands. Loves to cuddle and stick out her tongue like a lizard. Her daddy taught her that and she's obsessed with doing it. I call her my dolly. McKenzie hates when brother wakes her up from her naps. Loves to snort when she eats. McKenzie is getting use to watching brothers TV shows. McKenzie is a MAJOR spewer..major. I feel so bad. She loves to drool and Loves the sound of the vacuum. In fact McKenzie likes anything loud!!! Loves her bottles. We are so excited to try Rice cereal next month. McKenzie still fits in some newborn clothes but mostly 3 months.  We love bundling her up with the fall weather. I wish time would slow down. We love you McKenzie baby kenz sweet pea daddy calls you Gremlin. Your cry is wretched haha. Daxton Loves calling your princess and every morning days good morning princess did you have good dreams? Its the cutest!!! We love you. Time slow down.