Monday, May 23, 2016

McKenzie 4 months December 2015

I swear 4 months came and went. McKenzie is laughing and it is the cutest! It all started on December 21st I was in the kitchen cleaning of course and all of the sudden I hear her full on laughing. John and Dax are playing catch with the football watching TV and McKenzie is going crazy and laughing uncontrollably it was the cutest! I even recorded it. She has started Rolling from back to tummy she is quite the pro. Literally she does it the second she is put down but she refuses to roll after she is on her tummy. McKenzie LOVES bubble baths. She loves splashing and playing It's adorable. McKenzie started rice cereal she wasn't really a fan but tried it and did better than Dax as a baby. She loves ceiling fans most babies do she stares at them for hours.  McKenzie HATES tummy time hates it. It's so sad.  Another opposite Dax loved it! We keep trying with her but I feel like when she's ready she will do it full on. Loves smiling it is so cute. I literally can't get enough. She is currently on a reflex med. She has been spitting up for the last 4 months so Dr Cox put her on a reflex med we will see how she does.She no longer likes Her bink she would rather be sucking on her fingers and thumbs. Sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night. It's heavenly. Loves blowing bubbles. Teething like crazy. Loves playing and laughing with brother. Loves taking her bink out of her mouth. She had her 4 month check up on December 29th Winter time and Snowing but we made it. Luckily it was in Orem so we didn't have to drive all the way to American Fork. The Check Up went great. McKenzie weighs 12 pounds and 15 oz 20th percentile. Length 23.8 18th percentile and head circumference 41.5 72th percentile my kids have BIG heads. Dr Cox was impressed that she had already started rolling from back to tummy. We talked about her "Spitting Up" and he said that she will slowly grow out of it around 6 months. He told us that we could try a reflex med to help. We talked about how how healthy she is and how she is progressing great. He told us that Dax growing pains will continue until he is at least 6. Sad for us and him. It was a great check up until the dreaded shots came. Luckily she was fine after we left. McKenzie is in 3 Month clothes and can fit in some newborn. She is in size 2 diapers.She loves Goldie and Bear, Mickey and Peppa Pig. Loves sleeping in the car and is still a total mommas girl. Loves cuddling and loves her Bumbo. McKenzie is fascinated by her big brother and loves laughing and playing with him. She is growing and learning more and more everyday. We love her so much and are so happy she is apart of our little family. We loved having her First Christmas as a 4 month old. Little babies and Christmas are so magical. We are excited to try "Rice Cereal" Until next month Keep growing McKenzie Lee