Tuesday, March 7, 2017

McKenzie 5 months January 2016

Wow 5 months has come and we have hit a few milestones.We are starting Baby Foods Hooray!We decided to start with Carrots the same food we did with Dax. We didn't start baby foods with Dax until he was 6 months but we got the green light from our pediatrician so we went with it, McKenzie is Rolling from back to belly since 3 and a half months but refuses to roll from belly to back she will just lay there and scream. Loves grabbing your face or hair. Still a mommas girl. Takes 2 naps a day. Loves watching Goldie and bear mickey and george with brother. Brother calls her Goldie. She is Smiling which we absolute love and adore! She blows bubbles and laughs all the time. Size 2 diapers. 3 to 6 month clothes. Wishes she could have real food. Always grabs brothers graham crackers. McKenzie LOVES her sleep. Sleeps 10 to 12 hours. Which is a dream in itself. We wish her brother would sleep they reverse roles. Drinks 6 ounces so that can vary from 3 bottles and Rice cereal in between.She likes baths like loves them she is our litle fish. Dax is such a good big brother and he loves helping from feeding her bottles getting me new diapers he always wants to hold her. Their bond is so sweet. Loves car rides she either sleeps or hangs out. Occasional gremlin screaming which daddy cannot stand haha. I can tune it out but daddy can't. Squeals and squeaks all the time we love it. Finally Loves tummy time she really is a champ about it.Unlike Dax who hated every second of it. Love our little baby girl baby cake. Love you McKenzie Lee beautiful sweet pea.Some of McKenzie nick names are lala Kenz Kenzie Goldie McKenzie Kenzers Macadoo (papa sam) peggy two (papa lewie) It is January and we have still not gone to church besides her blessing which was in November. It is winter here in Utah snow and cold and I am terrified of RSV. We are little hermits and don't mind at all. Her eyes are still blue and she has the prettiest pale porcelain doll skin. I can't believe how fast time is going. until next month. It is still hard wrapping my head around 2 kids.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First Fallen Officer Funeral SGT Barney January 2016

What a Sobering day. I was able to attend my first 'Fallen Officer' funeral with my Husband of Officer Doug Barney who was taken from his sweet family friends and Unified PD 8 days ago in the line of duty. My husband had special permission to take me in his Police vehicle.We we're able to have 2 different people from the ward help watch the kids.We spent the entire day together at the funeral which was sad sweet and very memorable. His sweet son helping carry him in and at the end not wanting to let go. Holding on to the casket. I lost it. John and I both thought of Daxton it hit home quickly. It was said Jack his son wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Now that is heroic. Loved seeing officers all over Utah as well as California Nevada Wyoming New York and Idaho to name a few. After a 2 hour incredible procession with the rest of the officers it was amazing to be apart of. Watching Utah come together waving the American flag thanking each vehicle as we all drove past. Lastly the burial at the gravesite. Hearing the last call is something I'll never be able to get through without tearing up. Doug was a cancer survivor and was an 18 year officer who loved protecting and serving. I was proud today of my Officer we talked in length about police codes different scenarios and today after being an officer's wife for 6 year's I understand a little better my husband mindset and what he goes through day in and day out. It was such a different perspective, It was an honor to be by your side today babe. #lawenforcement #tillwemeetagain

Sunday, February 19, 2017

McKenzie starts Rice Cereal January 2016 4 1/2 months old

Mckenzie starting Rice Cereal at 4 1/2 months. It was a Success!!! Big brother had to help. We've been meaning to try for a week and have been busy. But tonight Dax was so excited to help feed sister. I love watching him help her with her milestones. Next week Oatmeal. And for the record McKenzie loved it She wasn't sure at first and then was chopping down. I love that she enjoyed it and that Dax loved helping her. I was super apprehensive because Dax hated Rice Cereal. He screamed the entire time,  Unlike Dax when he was 4 months he hated it. Fun to see how different they areπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ’™πŸ’œ 1-4-2016  

Fun Family Night 



Friday, January 27, 2017

Daxton joins Primary January 2016

We had been patiently awaiting for Dax to join Primary and be a SUNBEAM, Well the day finally came January 3rd, 2016. Dax was So excited. After sacrament we took him to the Primary room and dropped him off I teared up a little and we left for Sunday school. After we picked him up from SUNBEAMS he had a great time. When we picked him up he told us he learned about Jesus.
He was wearing a Crown that he had colored he has a big class almost 8 kids and two sweet teachers, Jesus wants me for a SUNBEAM. I love his sweet spirit and what a sweetheart of a boy he is. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Years Eve 2016

New Years Eve. What a fun and exciting holiday, In a sense it is the close of one year and the beginning of another. We had a fun day. Running errands looking for NYE decorations grabbing SWIG. I decided to quit soda. We ate at Pizza Factory in Spanish. We came home hung out took pictures put the kids to bed hung out attempted to watch a movie and went to bed. I took a Hot bubble bath and relaxed. It was a chill relaxing NYE Cheers to 2016.


Monday, January 9, 2017

McKenzie First Christmas December 2015

We we're all so excited for Christmas. For many reasons. It was McKenzie's first Christmas and the first Christmas that Dax actually understood what Christmas was. The day before was Christmas Eve and John and I both went Christmas shopping separate which was insane and so crazy and crowded. After last year I told myself that I would not shop on Christmas Eve ever again. Well see if I can hold myself to it. When we got home we baked homemade cookies. We watched Christmas movies and had the kids open their Christmas Jammies. We read a few Christmas books, the Nativity and decided to go to bed. We all couldn't sleep because we we're so excited. And McKenzie turned 4 months old! It was so cute and fun to have her turn a new month older on a holiday such as Christmas Eve.



Well Christmas morning came we we're so excited because we had bought Dax a Bike Well he woke up and he walked right past his bike to the Christmas tree it was hilarious.After a second we said Dax look. He had so much excitement and wanted to ride it right then and there. McKenzie woke up and we started opening up our Christmas presents. It was fun to see all of the excitement in their eyes. McKenzie got clothes toys books and her big present was her play mat, Dax got Clothes Toys his Bike which was his big present a Pluto and they each had more than they even needed. John and I got Dvds Stocking stuffers candy  Victoria Secret Bras and perfume, John got stuff for the gym.



After Steve and Georgia came over and we opened their presents that they gave us. McKenzie got an adorable Pink Bear plush doll house. Dax got a beautiful crochet blue and gray blanket made by Grandma Georgia. I got a blue plush blanket and jewelry and John got a beanie and gloves to go running outside in the cold with, After we hung out took more pictures and showed them what we got from Santa. I made spaghetti for dinner and a salad and bread and as we we're eating we we're eating my sweet in laws told us some exciting and unexpected news. They are going on a Mission. They met with President Patterson and decided that they would get all their papers together and have that be their next adventure, Crazy but fun. We hung out and watched The Holiday and then we all went to bed. The next day John went to work and Steve and Georgia hung out and helped me clean and they then got out the road to go home.


All in all it was a very fun memorable CHRISTMAS.