Monday, January 9, 2017

McKenzie First Christmas December 2015

We we're all so excited for Christmas. For many reasons. It was McKenzie's first Christmas and the first Christmas that Dax actually understood what Christmas was. The day before was Christmas Eve and John and I both went Christmas shopping separate which was insane and so crazy and crowded. After last year I told myself that I would not shop on Christmas Eve ever again. Well see if I can hold myself to it. When we got home we baked homemade cookies. We watched Christmas movies and had the kids open their Christmas Jammies. We read a few Christmas books, the Nativity and decided to go to bed. We all couldn't sleep because we we're so excited. And McKenzie turned 4 months old! It was so cute and fun to have her turn a new month older on a holiday such as Christmas Eve.



Well Christmas morning came we we're so excited because we had bought Dax a Bike Well he woke up and he walked right past his bike to the Christmas tree it was hilarious.After a second we said Dax look. He had so much excitement and wanted to ride it right then and there. McKenzie woke up and we started opening up our Christmas presents. It was fun to see all of the excitement in their eyes. McKenzie got clothes toys books and her big present was her play mat, Dax got Clothes Toys his Bike which was his big present a Pluto and they each had more than they even needed. John and I got Dvds Stocking stuffers candy  Victoria Secret Bras and perfume, John got stuff for the gym.



After Steve and Georgia came over and we opened their presents that they gave us. McKenzie got an adorable Pink Bear plush doll house. Dax got a beautiful crochet blue and gray blanket made by Grandma Georgia. I got a blue plush blanket and jewelry and John got a beanie and gloves to go running outside in the cold with, After we hung out took more pictures and showed them what we got from Santa. I made spaghetti for dinner and a salad and bread and as we we're eating we we're eating my sweet in laws told us some exciting and unexpected news. They are going on a Mission. They met with President Patterson and decided that they would get all their papers together and have that be their next adventure, Crazy but fun. We hung out and watched The Holiday and then we all went to bed. The next day John went to work and Steve and Georgia hung out and helped me clean and they then got out the road to go home.


All in all it was a very fun memorable CHRISTMAS.

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