Tuesday, March 7, 2017

McKenzie 5 months January 2016

Wow 5 months has come and we have hit a few milestones.We are starting Baby Foods Hooray!We decided to start with Carrots the same food we did with Dax. We didn't start baby foods with Dax until he was 6 months but we got the green light from our pediatrician so we went with it, McKenzie is Rolling from back to belly since 3 and a half months but refuses to roll from belly to back she will just lay there and scream. Loves grabbing your face or hair. Still a mommas girl. Takes 2 naps a day. Loves watching Goldie and bear mickey and george with brother. Brother calls her Goldie. She is Smiling which we absolute love and adore! She blows bubbles and laughs all the time. Size 2 diapers. 3 to 6 month clothes. Wishes she could have real food. Always grabs brothers graham crackers. McKenzie LOVES her sleep. Sleeps 10 to 12 hours. Which is a dream in itself. We wish her brother would sleep they reverse roles. Drinks 6 ounces so that can vary from 3 bottles and Rice cereal in between.She likes baths like loves them she is our litle fish. Dax is such a good big brother and he loves helping from feeding her bottles getting me new diapers he always wants to hold her. Their bond is so sweet. Loves car rides she either sleeps or hangs out. Occasional gremlin screaming which daddy cannot stand haha. I can tune it out but daddy can't. Squeals and squeaks all the time we love it. Finally Loves tummy time she really is a champ about it.Unlike Dax who hated every second of it. Love our little baby girl baby cake. Love you McKenzie Lee beautiful sweet pea.Some of McKenzie nick names are lala Kenz Kenzie Goldie McKenzie Kenzers Macadoo (papa sam) peggy two (papa lewie) It is January and we have still not gone to church besides her blessing which was in November. It is winter here in Utah snow and cold and I am terrified of RSV. We are little hermits and don't mind at all. Her eyes are still blue and she has the prettiest pale porcelain doll skin. I can't believe how fast time is going. until next month. It is still hard wrapping my head around 2 kids.


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